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Our organization has a three pronged strategy dedicated to reducing the incarcerate term an inmate must serve to fulfill his or her obligations to society. We concentrate on post-conviction rehabilitative documentation, post-release success planning, criminal case review and sentence modification or relief from sentence issuing authority.


Legal Representation
Our organization will represent inmates in sentence reduction or modification proceeding only. If we find a case wherein an inmate has been convicted of a crime he or she is clearly and irrefutably innocent of, we then will undertake said case for the purpose of overturning the verdict. Otherwise, we only specialize in cases where the guilt of the inmate is already settled.

Inmate rehabilitation documentation
We encourage inmates to attend and participate in all available prison programs. We help inmates document their positive progress since their incarceration. This documentation is instrumental in our presentation before the Court when seeking relief from established sentencing. Inmates that cannot prove positive behavior while serving their sentences cannot successfully finish our program.


Family support and post-release success planning and documentation
We help the family and inmate design a plan that can demonstrate how the inmate will become a productive member of society once he is freed from prison. This documentation and plan helps the Court determine the risk it may be undertaking if it chooses to release an inmate from prison prior to the completion of its imposed sentence.

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