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We are a Not for Profit legal organization dedicated to helping inmates reduce their sentences. We currently operate in 28 States. We have been helping inmates since 1995. Our organization is comprised of Attorneys, Constitutional law clerks and paralegals that specialize in post-conviction sentencing issues. We are headquartered in New York city, but have satillite offices throughout the U.S. We engage Pro Bono Attorneys in local jurisdictions to represent inmates in sentence reduction or modification hearings based on our research and unique process.

We concentrate all of our resources in the area of sentence reduction or modifications. We do not re-litigate criminal cases unless we discover egregious and evident malfeasance on the part of the State, Court or Defense. We only undertake a very limited number of cases due to strict resource limitations. Inmates must be pre-selected by us and cannot join our program unless invited.

Client Accolades

"I took a plea and thought I had to do the full 15 years. I can't thank you enough for coming to my aid. I was placed on probation and served six years in prison."
- John Richards

"You guys have helped me be reborn. I was already in for seven years on a 25 year sentence. I couldn't see my kids and then you guys came to the rescue. I'm serving the rest of my sentence at my mom's with my kids. God bless you!"
- Lesley Edwards

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