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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: I have read negativestatements online questioning the legitimacy of your organization. How do I know that your organization is not a scam?


A: If you read the statements made on the internet you will note that they are from anonymous authors. This type of negative baiting is used by internet scammers to try and extort businesses into purchasing website optimization and remove negative statement programs. Since the statements are general in nature they are protected under Federal law. It is unfortunate that such statements are allowed to be posted from anonymous sources. We have successfully challenged many of the negative comments. We have an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau and are members of many National legal defense organizations. All attorneys that work with and for our organization are members in good standing with their respective State Bars. We have zero client complaints in over ten years of service to inmates. We have successfully helped thousands of inmates. We do not charge for our legal services.



Q: What does being preselected by your organization mean?


A: Our organization conducts continuous searches of prisoner files. When an inmate is identified as having an unusually lengthy sentence for the stated charges we compare said charges to an internal set of criteria. This criteria has been developed based on our national experience in garnering sentence reductions or modifications for prisoners. At this preliminary level our organization sends the chosen inmate an invitation letter such as the one you have received.



Q: After you order and review my case files what happens?


A: After reviewing your case files, a family participation and inmate rehabilitation review is conducted. If the inmate has been actively pursuing a rehabilitative program that is documentable, and his family will verify that they will assist the inmate upon release, then our selection committee will conduct a final acceptance review. If at this juncture we feel that we have a strong possibility of garnering you a sentence reduction you will be assigned a pro bono attorney. If we do not feel that we can successfully present a strong justification to the court for sentence reduction or modification we will return your processing fee with an explanation why we do not feel we can help you.


Q: How long does it take for an attorney to be assigned to my case?


A: Between five to twelve months depending on the severity and complexity of your charges.


Q: Does your organization reopen my case?


A: No. We do not litigate your case anew. We concentrate on reducing your sentence or modifying it so you do not serve your full sentence in prison. If after reviewing your case files we discover obvious errors that indicate your innocence, then we will litigate your charges.


Q: Do you guarantee that I will receive a sentence reduction or modification?


A: We cannot guarantee any outcome as each case is unique. We spend a great deal of money, time and effort trying to help inmates such as you. We have been very successful in our efforts when the inmate's family is involved and the inmate can demonstrate that they are doing everything within their power to change their lives.


Q: What kind of inmates can your organization help?


A: Prisoners that have violated probation or parole. Prisoners that were offered pleas of substantially lower sentences and chose to go to trial. First offenders serving long prison sentences. Inmates that have illegal sentences, etc.


All cases are unique and the aforementioned answers are meant for general reference purposes only.

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non obstante veredicto legal definition



A judgment notwithstanding the verdict, in which a jury verdict is set aside by the judge as being factually or legally invalid.
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

What does Manifest Non Obstante Veredicto mean?
I am curious about the name of your organization.
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