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Welcome to our site.

Our Not for Profit organization has been created to help inmates throughout the United States that have been over sentenced or sentenced too harshly when compared to Federal guidelines established for similar offenses. Our staff is trained in identifying and documenting errors, incongruities and illegal actions performed by State Prosecutors, Judges and Defense Attorneys during the prosecution of U.S. citizens.

Our organization concentrates its resources on inmates that are either first offenders or have extraordinarily excessive sentences. Inmates chosen for our programs must have strong verifiable bonds and support from their families. We have established very strict processes that have shown the best chances of success. Our ultimate aim is to garner a sentence reduction, modification or other form of sentence relief for chosen inmates. Our program is not available for all inmates, only pre-selected inmates may qualify. If the inmate is actively attempting to rehabilitate himself or herself, and his or her family is willing to document a post-release plan for the inmate that includes a job, housing support and/or other methods to assure post-release inmate success; then he/she may qualify for our sentence reduction process.

Have a question on sentence reductions or modifications?
Mail it to us and we'll answer it on our Ask the Expert page.

We offer the following services:

  • Case file review
  • Family support documentation
  • Inmate rehabilitation documentation
  • Post-release success planning
  • Pro Bono Legal Representation

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  • Breaking news about changes in your State's prisoner rights
  • Helpful tips for helping your family deal with inmates
  • Changes in Federal and State laws that could affect inmates
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